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Banana Bread Recipe
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Recipe: Get the Most Nutrients out of your Banana Bread

Lockdown saw the craze of banana bread baking really take flight, but did you know it’s super simple to just make a few swaps to your bake in order to make it more nutritionally beneficial? Mays Al-Ali, a nutritionist at, has suggested swapping out for gluten-free flour that is low GI and of the […]

Poku Banks
Finance, Money

GIVEAWAY Alert!! ZUMO Teams Up with Poku Banks for Educational Content Series

Zumo has teamed up with Gen Z creator Poku Banks on educational content series and giveaway of cryptocurrency Ether – doubling down on their ambition of giving everyone, everywhere control of their finances – especially the next generation. With young people representing an ever-growing consumer base within crypto (18-34 y/o represented the fastest-growing segment of […]

Yondu’s Vegg BarbQ
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5 Yondu Tips for Prepping the Perfect Vegetables this Summer

BBQ season is upon us and as swathes of sausages and burgers make their way to the grill, the humble vegetable is often forgotten.  Whether it’s for the veggie/vegan of the group or simply just a delicious side dish, overlooking the greens is a mistake. Yondu is making the veggies the star of the show […]

Clean your House
Health, Lifestyle, Wellness

8 Simple Ways to Allergy-Proof your Home

With the weather warming up and lockdown measures slowly easing, one thing that worries one in five Brits is hay fever. Whatever your plans in the coming months, pollen outside and dust inside will be a growing issue for many. But there are things we can do to reduce the struggle at home! Ivan Ivanov, the spokesperson from End of […]

Interview, Lifestyle

Is Today’s Youth Kind & Considerate?

Despite Generation Z’s reputation for being self-interested, more than three-quarters (77%) of young adults would be ready to help support the lonely and vulnerable, reveals research by the befriending network Companiions. Fewer than one in ten (9%) of those aged 18 to 24 said they would not consider organising support for someone with restricted mobility. […]

Cleanest Restaurants
Dining, Food

5 UK Cities with the Cleanest Restaurants

May 17th marks the day that indoor seating in restaurants across England is allowed again, but who across Britain will be returning to the cleanest restaurants? Interested in finding out, End-of-Tenancy-London analysed food hygiene ratings of restaurants, cafes, and canteens in major cities across England to reveal all. Here are the results: 1) Carlisle Topping […]

Education, Interview, Parenting

Unleash your Child’s Inner CEO

For the first time ever, UK parents can take an online course created by UK experts where they get to learn about a mysterious area of the brain that houses something that could unleash their children’s inner CEO: ‘Executive Functions’. It’s the first online parenting course in the world to address this key, but often […]

Mushroom Recipe
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4 Nutrient-Packed Food Pairings + Recipes to Get the Most Vitamins on your Plate this National Vegetarian Week

National Vegetarian Week is taking place this week (10th-16th May), highlighting the benefits of opting for a meat-free diet. Recent research has revealed that a whopping one in five Brits are vitamin D deficient and unaware how to get their daily vitamins through a vegetarian diet. In a glimpse: One in five Brits are vitamin D deficient but many are unaware they can get 100% of their daily vitamins through vegetarian and […]

Traveling tips with dogs
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6 Crucial Tips for Travelling with Dogs

Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links. If you click through and make a purchase, we’ll earn a commission, at no additional cost to you. Read our full disclosure here. Following a recent survey that shows 85% of pet parents would rather visit a staycation in the UK than going abroad without their pets, Lily’s […]

Staycation Destination

10 Favourite Staycation Destinations of UK (2020)

Overseas travel might seem like a distant dream this summer due to the ongoing pandemic, but if you’re looking for some fresh air once the lockdown is lifted, there are plenty of holiday destinations in the UK to visit. On June 23rd, after Boris Johnson announced that people will be free to stay overnight in […]

Girl smiling

10 Countries with The Healthiest Teeth

With a spark in unhealthy eating habits and avoidance of dental practices for fear of exposure to COVID-19, this study analyses access to dental facilities, dental conditions, and consumption habits across 26 countries in Europe. ➢ The UK ranks sixth overall for dental health in Europe, ahead of France and Denmark.➢ The UK and Germany […]

Beef jerkey

13 Cool Beef Jerky Facts on World Jerky Day

Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links. If you click through and make a purchase, we’ll earn a commission, at no additional cost to you. Read our full disclosure here. Celebrate your joy for jerky – Get clued up with these interesting facts on beef jerky this world jerky day. In recent years, more Brits […]

Guide to acne

A Dermatologist’s Guide to Acne

Acne affects almost everyone at some stage in their life, and it’s estimated that around 95% of us will suffer with the skin condition between the age of 11 and 30. So, as part of Acne Awareness Month, Dr Firas Al-Niaimi, consultant dermatologist for the UK’s leading group of skin clinics, sk:n, explains the different […]

Handmade soap
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Celebrating Geek Culture through Soap & Glory

Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links. If you click through and make a purchase, we’ll earn a commission, at no additional cost to you. Read our full disclosure here. From Pokémon bath bombs to warlock soap, using Mayku FormBox technology, independent soap makers like Geeky Clean are revolutionising the industry. Geeky Clean is an artisanal […]

Family dinner

CHIPPIES: The Codfather of Takeaways during Lockdown

WHEN the chips are down, it appears Brits turn to good old-fashioned grub as fish ‘n’ chips is revealed as the most popular takeaway food during lockdown. The sales data from the online takeaway delivery platform, Foodhub, reveals the traditional dish has doubled in popularity with a massive 208% uplift in fish n chips orders since lockdown as […]