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10 Best UK Eco-Attractions for a Conscious Post-Lockdown Day Trip

Following the news that an extra bank holiday in October is under serious consideration by the Government, many Brits are looking forward to some extra time-off. With the Covid-19 situation expected to improve in the coming months, many will undoubtedly choose to venture out and explore different parts of the UK.

Some of the most understated assets of the UK tourism industry are eco attractions. To give them the spotlight they deserve, Clearitwaste.co.uk sought to discover the most instagrammed eco attractions in the UK.

The findings:

  • The iconic Eden Project is the most instagrammed eco attraction in the UK, with an astounding 189,049 hashtags
  • Loch Leven in Kinross (Scotland) is in second place with 31,276 hashtags
  • Kew Royal Botanic Gardens has 6,318 hashtags, whilst its namesake in Edinburgh has 2,922 hashtags

1. The Eden Project – 189,049 Hashtags 

Location: Bodelva (Cornwall, England)

Brief Overview: This popular eco attraction has two biomes which contain plants from many diverse climates and environments. The Eden Project is the perfect day out for families eager to experience an interest and different trip away from home. 

2. Loch Leven – 31,276 Hashtags 

Location: Kinross (Scotland)

Brief Overview: This eco attraction is a freshwater loch and is home to one of Europe’s biggest inland gatherings of breeding ducks. Loch Leven’s rich ecosystem supports various species of plants, insects, birds and fishes. 

3. The Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew – 6,318 Hashtags 

Location: Richmond (London, England)

Brief Overview: This eco attraction harnesses the power of science and the vast diversity of their gardens to present visitors with insightful knowledge on why different plants and fungi are important to our ecosystem.  

4. Findhorn Foundation – 3,132 Hashtags

Location: Forres (Moray, Scotland)

Brief Overview: The fourth most instagrammed eco attraction is an eco-village with its own bakery, pottery and arts centre. The Findhorn Foundation also offers spiritual and environmental courses on-site as well as opportunities to see films and gigs in its universal hall. 

5. The Royal Botanic Gardens, Edinburgh – 2,922 Hashtags 

Location: Edinburgh (Scotland)

Brief Overview: Another popular eco attraction is one of the finest botanic gardens in the world, offering visitors a chance to view and better understand its wide depth of plants. Additionally, The Royal Botanic Gardens offers a fantastic skyline view of Scotland’s capital. 

6. Pensthorpe Natural Park – 2,832 Hashtags 

Location: Fakenham (Norfolk, England)

Brief Overview: This eco attraction is a 700-acre nature reserve and woodland conservation park. Scattered around the woods, marshes and wildflower meadows are sculptures from renowned artists that intensify the natural shapes and colours of the wild-life-rich landscape. 

7. The Living Rainforest – 2,054 Hashtags 

Location: Thatcham (Berkshire, England)

Brief Overview: This eco attraction is an indoor greenhouse tropical rainforest consisting of three glasshouses which contain an array of birds, butterflies and lizards. 

8. GreenWood Family Park – 1,641 Hashtags 

Location: Y Felinheli (Gwynedd, Wales)

Brief Overview: GreenWood Family Park contains tunnels, mazes, slides, longbow shooting, and the world’s first people powered roller coaster. They also host magic shows and crafting sessions, which are sure fire ways to keep the kids entertained.  

9. Knepp Wildland – 1,458 Hashtags 

Location: Horsham (West Sussex, England)

Photo via Knepp.co.uk

Brief Overview: This eco attraction is a pioneering rewilding project – extremely rare turtle doves, falcons and butterflies can be found at Knepp Wildland. 

10. Centre for Alternative Technology – 1,275 Hashtags 

Location: Powys (Wales)

Brief Overview: This eco attraction provides public information on all aspects of sustainable living and development. Renewable energy, organic farming and gardening are just some of the sustainability opportunities/issues they provide guidance and education on.

Cover picture courtesy Eden Project

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