DIY tin can planters

5 Fun DIY Tin Can Planters

Spring may have just passed and we’re currently experiencing the long days of Summer. But the season of planting is never gone. Sadly, shop-bought planters can be costly if you’re planning to introduce some fresh pots in your garden.

Here is a way. You can give new life to your old tin cans.

Without tossing away the used food cans, you may consider this fun DIY planter project!

Regular tin cans, like the Coke cans, may take decades to crumble if left in a landfill. And if it is made of aluminum, it can take more than 200 years to decay!

So what are you trying?

Alternatively, you can recycle your cans if you care for the environment. But even that takes time and effort and will definitely emit some greenhouse gasses into the environment.

So, do we have a greener option than recycling? May be we do and it is upcycling!

Yes, rather than draining some hard-earned bucks at the home supply stores on new planters, here is an inexpensive and environment-friendly alternative with a bit of character.

Here is how you can transform your empty food cans into unique planters you can be proud of.

What you need

Interestingly, most of the stuff required for this DIY project is available at your home.

➣ Tin can (can be any shape or size – use your imagination)
➣ Tin opener
➣ Paint
➣ Glitter
➣ Paint
➣ Scrapbook paper
➣ Brush
➣ Papier mache

How long will it take?

20 minutes

1. Moss

To cover your planter, you can buy moss sheet from any craft stores or even at Amazon to wrap your planter. If it suits your fancy, you can also glue on dried flowers or seashells.

Moss planter card

2. Painted

A fresh layer of pain can revitalise anything. You can even take a step ahead and use glue to incorporate various designs. Then overlay a fresh coat of paint to give it a beautiful texture.

Painted can plant

3. Paper

You can make use of old scrap paper lying around the house or buy fun pattern papers from Amazon. Just cut the paper as per the requirement and attach to the can with glue. What could be more simple?

Paper planter card

4. Rocks

You may find pebbles in your garden, or can buy some at Amazon. Later, glue them to the outer surface of the can with hot glue or super glue. This particular planter can be a great eye soother.

Rock planter card

5. Twine

This is the simplest of all. Glue the outer surface of the can and then sheathe the entire can carefully with twine, ribbon or yarn. Then leave it for a couple of hours and it will be ready to use.

Twine planted card

Before you start the transformation, don’t forget to poke a few small holes in the bottom of the can with a hammer and a nail. Once the decoration is complete, stuff some pebbles or glass stones in the bottom to take care of the drainage.

Did any up-cycled items find a place in your garden lately? Share your thrifty tips with us in the comments.

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