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Keep your Child Safe with Dantoy Green Toys

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Dantoy have launched a brand-new “I’m Green” line of bio-plastic toys. Their bio-plastic toys are made of at least 90% sugarcane – a sustainable raw material, which is 100% recyclable.

Dantoy leads the way with their bio-plastics. The manufacture of bio-plastics reduces carbon emissions. The sugarcane is cultivated on controlled, pesticide-free plantations in central and southern Brazil and it is harvested every 6 – 12 months. Bio-plastics made of sugarcane is a 100% sustainable raw material.

Traditional plastic is made from crude oil, whilst Dantoy “I’m Green” PE (bio-plastic) is made from at least 90% sugarcane (ethanol). Ethanol, a form of alcohol, is extracted from sugarcane, after which it is used to make bio-plastic.

Dantoy green toys set

The sugarcane used for Dantoy bio-plastics grows in plantations in the southern and central regions of Brazil, more than 2,500 km from the Amazon region. The enlargement of areas for cultivating sugarcane is managed by “Sugarcane Agroecological Zoning”, formed by Brazil’s federal government. The harvested sugarcane is conveyed by train for further processing, which is more eco-friendly than being transported by lorries.

Dantoy green toys manufacturing process

Sugarcane can be harvested several times a year. New sugarcane plants are planted every five to seven years. The fields are harvested every six to twelve months enabling them to be classified as a sustainable raw material. Sugarcane absorbs carbon dioxide from the air, thereby minimising the greenhouse effect.

For the manufacture of bio-plastic, the carbon emissions accounts are positive from the budding of the plant until it is manufactured into bio-plastic. For each kilo of manufactured bio-plastic, 3.09 kg of carbon dioxide are removed from the atmosphere.

Dantoy’s packaging is all made from recycled cardboard. Their toys are made to last and are approved for contact with foods, microwave safe, dishwasher safe, frost-proof and contains no toxins.

Dantoy's popular 22-piece, pretend play dinner set

Dantoy’s range of bio toys includes the popular 22-piece, pretend play dinner set which can be used for garden picnics. Ideal for playing it is safe, durable and toxin-free. It encourages social skills, interaction and helps children to learn whilst having fun.

Dantoy bio-toy pretend play dinner set

Dantoy believe that people should buy less, buy well. That is why their toys are only made with sustainable products. We can all be eco-friendly and by choosing brands who care will make a little difference.

The Dantoy Bio-Toy Pretend Play Dinner Set 22-Piece set costs £21.21 from Amazon.

Here are some more Dantoy green toys from the I’m Green line-up.

Dantoy Bio Coffee Set – 4 People +2 Años (Kids) Price: £28.97
Dantoy Bio-Toy Front-Loader Tractor Price: £20.75
Dantoy Bio Stacking Cups Price: £21.19
Dantoy Bio-Toy Tipper Truck Price: £19.99
Dantoy Bio-Toy Bucket and Spade 4 Piece Playset Price: £19.99

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