Hairdressers get creative with PPE Michael Van Clarke in his Marylebone salon

Spoof Pic Story: London Hairdressers Get Creative with PPE

Except for doctors, no one comes as physically close to their clients as hairdressers. So, what to expect at the hairdressing salon under the ‘new normal’?

A haircut ain’t luxury. However, it became one during lockdown. I’m sure we’re counting minutes for July 4th when the country’s salons reopen. But what makeovers are you expecting of your salon after this long-awaited visit? Michael Van Clarke, in their own unique style, offers a futuristic transformation.

Hairdressers get creative with PPE Michael Van Clarke in his Marylebone salon

It seems that the hairdressers got creative with PPE only for Boris to announce they only had to wear visors!

Here is a ‘spoof’ look at how you could have been met when you arrive at the hair salon during your next visit.

Hairdressers at Michael Van Clarke salon in Marylebone are using their own versions of PPE: Scuba diver, Astronaut, Beekeeper, Deep sea diver, and what not!!

Michael Van Clarke, the renowned hairdresser says ..

“We were sitting around panicking a bit. Fretting about having to play doctors and nurses. I mean, I remember enjoying it when I was seven, but this head-to-toe PPE thing the German salons started has freaked us hairdressers out a bit. And anyway, wouldn’t it be professional cultural appropriation?

Not really very woke is it. So, we thought of being a bit more creative with our outfits, and frankly we were quite enjoying it. Practising our routines. A bit of am-dram at work. But then lo and behold Boris announced this week that we’d only have to wear visors.”

Here is a list of the precautions the Michael Van Clarke salon is taking re Covid post lockdown:-

➜ Social distancing. We are lucky to have a spacious salon anyway but now even more so with half the seats removed.
➜ Extended hours and less than half the team in at any one time.
➜ Two full time dedicated cleaners/sanitisers
➜ Disposable towels for the duration of COVID
➜ Pre-payments to minimise contact with anyone outside the operator bubble.
➜ Face shields for operators
➜ Masks and face shields for shampooists
➜ Screens at front desk, backwashes, all along the 20ft Deli Counter, and manicure table too once permissible.

Here are some more pictures from Michael Van Clarke’s Marylebone salon (Click to enlarge):

Let us know what do you think about these surreal images and yes, if you can’t keep calm and want to dropping by, here is the address.

1 Beaumont St
London W1G 6DF
United Kingdom

Tel: (+44) 020 7224 3123

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