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Vacation with Dog
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6 Ideal Staycation Destination for Dogs

Leaving pets behind can be heart-breaking, with 1/2 of pet parents suffering from ‘separation anxiety’ on holiday, and a 1/3 even refusing to go on holiday without them. The most popular area to take dogs on staycation is the South East, and so with the recent spike in staycations, Lily’s Kitchen has plotted out the other best locations in the UK that are suitable to take discerning dogs; whether it’s taking the […]

Delicious Cakes
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10 Favourite Cakes Across Europe!

Over centuries, Europeans have prepared – and eaten – a cake on every celebration. Good Rich Life takes a look and pays tribute to 10 of the most loved cakes most adored across Europe. For centuries and beyond, Europeans have been blessed with the art of baking – in particular, of preparing and consuming all […]

Money Heist

10 Real Netflix Show Locations You Should Visit

There has always been a sense of excitement when you picture yourself in the location of a famous blockbuster film or TV series. But it’s even more exciting when you find out that the place you see on TV exists, and you can visit where your favourite character or actor once stood. Due to the […]

Train of future

Russian Metro Train of the Future (Pics)

Moscow designers have reimagined the Russian metro train of the future. Art. Lebedev Studio, which is a design firm in Russia have come up with a futuristic design of the Russian metro train that flaunts convertible seats, cool gadgets, and videos projected on windows. Apparently, the designers of the Art. Lebedev Studio were not satisfied […]

Ole employee on laptop

8 Cool Ways Over 50s Can ‘Age-Proof’ their CVs

What gets you a job? Knowledge? Experience? Cool degrees? Nowadays, a majority of employers prefer younger workforce due to work-ability, passion, enthusiasm, and of course, low pay bracket. However, the best employees in the country who are making a difference are all aged above 50. According to the Office for National Statistics (ONS), over 600,000 […]


5 Most Common Workplace Nightmares (Explained)

As more people are returning to work, whether from furlough leave or from working at home, the age-old stress office life brings will soon return. In some cases, this manifests itself in the form of anxiety dreams. Dennis Relojo-Howell, founder of psychology website Psychreg, explains: “Anxiety dreams are disturbing and are characterised by distress brought […]

Livescribe Symphony Smartpen
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Livescribe Launches Symphony: The Best Smartpen Yet

Livescribe™, the pioneers of smartpen creations, are excited to announce another technological leap forward in the evolution of writing, with the release of their newest smartpen, the Symphony. From the creators famous for their innovative smartpen designs, the Symphony comes equipped with technology that identifies what you write, effortlessly transforming your notes into text when […]