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7 Tips to Ease Back into Fitness as Gyms Reopen

Fitness fans are eagerly waiting for July 25th to roll around as after many months gyms are finally reopening! However, rushing straight back to it without some careful consideration could be grim. Gym environments might have changed, and so is your body’s abilities. Safety inside the gym should be your utmost priority. You need to […]

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10 Most-Bought Fitness Items during Lockdown

Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links. If you click through and make a purchase, we’ll earn a commission, at no additional cost to you. Read our full disclosure here. On average, more than 180,000 people a month type “home workout” into the Google search bar. Of course, working out at home has grown exponentially […]

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CRAZY Fitness Trends Loved by the UK

As online fitness classes have boomed and the number of searches have skyrocketed, the fitness experts from OnBuy were interested to uncover the most obscure fitness trends the UK have flocked to during lockdown. After analysing search volumes throughout the past month, they can reveal the weirdest and most uncommon fitness trends that have flourished during lockdown! Highlights […]

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How to Care for Skin While Exercising Outside

A recent survey by showed that 67% of Brits do not apply SPF to their skin in prep for their daily outside exercise. What’s more, the British Skin Foundation estimates there are 100,000 new cases of skin cancer each year. To help Brits stay safe when taking their daily outside exercise, Golfsupport obtained expert advice from personal trainer Sana Shirvani on how […]

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Fitness Expert Reveals: The Best Workout for Each Body Shape!

Flawless recently discovered Google searches for ‘healthy snacks’ are up 110%*, but it isn’t just our diet we’ve been working on in lockdown. Many of us are looking to perfect our home-workout routines, too. Eager to help Brits find the ideal workout for each body shape, all the while celebrating our differences, not-for-profit advice website sought the help of Jenna […]