Train of future

Russian Metro Train of the Future (Pics)

Moscow designers have reimagined the Russian metro train of the future. Art. Lebedev Studio, which is a design firm in Russia have come up with a futuristic design of the Russian metro train that flaunts convertible seats, cool gadgets, and videos projected on windows.

Apparently, the designers of the Art. Lebedev Studio were not satisfied with the classic and already kicking structure and wanted a new look for a 21st century underground train. To give it a more urban appearance, their design include panoramic windows and LED lights in the train’s front and rear.

Metro train of future

The studio’s another restructuring is the induction of convertible seats, which they believe will free up space onboard.

Future metro train

Also, the coaches will feature special terminals onboard so that the commuters can buy travel cards onboard or have access to other day-to-day services, for instance, paying the utility bill.

Future train russia

In addition, the designers have thought of projecting videos onto the coach windows since, as per them, the dark underground tunnels already offer an ideal backdrop to suit this.

Future metro train russia

Unfortunately, this futuristic sci-fi train yet exists on paper.

Pictures by Art. Lebedev Studio

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