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5 UK Cities with the Cleanest Restaurants

May 17th marks the day that indoor seating in restaurants across England is allowed again, but who across Britain will be returning to the cleanest restaurants?

Interested in finding out, End-of-Tenancy-London analysed food hygiene ratings of restaurants, cafes, and canteens in major cities across England to reveal all.

Here are the results:

1) Carlisle

Topping the list as the city with the cleanest restaurants is Carlisle with an impressive average food hygiene rating of 4.90 out of 5. Some of the restaurants contributing to their high score include Siam Thai Restaurant, Dempsey’s and Nandos, all of which received a score of 5 out of 5.

2) Gloucester

Following behind in second place is Gloucester with an average score of 4.87 out of 5. Despite almost scoring top points, there are a few places bringing the city down, with one restaurant receiving a score of 0, five receiving a score of 2, and three receiving a score of 3.

3) Worcester

In third place is Worcester with an average score of 4.81. They have many popular chains to thank for their high rating including Creams Café, Five Guys and Zizzi who all have food hygiene scores of 5.

4) Hartlepool, Lincoln, Southampton and Chatham (Joint)

Taking joint fourth place with average scores of 4.80 are Hartlepool, Lincoln, Southampton and Chatham.

5) Chelmsford

Completing the top five cities with the cleanest restaurants is Chelmsford with a score of 4.78. McDonald’s is among their highest-rated eateries, as well as Costa and Pret A Manger bumping up the scores for cafés in the area.

On the other end of the scale, just making it into the top 15 cleanest cities is Exeter with an average score of 4.73. Amid the places keeping them from scoring higher is one restaurant receiving a score of 0, four receiving a score of 2 and 11 receiving a score of 3. Saving them on the other hand is Harrys, The Gurkha Kitchen and Flourish Café with perfect scores of 5.

Here is an infographic to the list for your better understanding.

Which UK cities are home to the dirtiest restaurants?

1) Birmingham

Taking the lead is Birmingham with an average food hygiene rating of 4.15. Among the restaurants with poor hygiene are 16 eateries with a rating of 0, 79 with a rating of 1, and 82 with a rating of 2.

2) Salford

In second place is Salford with a hygiene rating of 4.29 on average. Home to a surprising number of places with a hygiene rating of 1, seven to be precise, as well as 18 being rated at 3.

3) London

London takes third place as the city with some of the worst hygiene ratings, averaging at 4.3 across the restaurants studied.  Among their lower-scoring restaurants, 6 receive a rating of 0, 92 score 1 and 196 receive a score of 3.


  1. Using Food Standards Agency ratings, gathered the food hygiene ratings of restaurants, cafes and canteens with a current rating across different UK cities.
  2. Boundary data for countries and major cities, unitary authorities, and postcode centroids were also collected.
  3. Using the locations of restaurants (based on given coordinates or postcode centroids), ratings for each city were then aggregated for all the boundaries mentioned.
  4. The average food hygiene rating out of 5 for each UK city was then ranked from highest to lowest to see which cities are home to the cleanest and dirtiest restaurants.

Photo by Pablo Merchán Montes on Unsplash

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