Joshua Patterson

Joshua Patterson: Latest Marathon Challenge to Raise Money for Calm around 14ft Patio

Activist and television personality Joshua Patterson is about to embark on his latest challenge having successfully completed 6 marathons around his 14ft patio in just 5 days (three weeks ago for charity).

“On Thursday 28th May, I will set off at midday to attempt to run for 24 hours straight, around my 14ft patio, Joshua says.

“After my last challenge ‘Mind Over Marathon’, I received a message from a woman which said her close friend Ben Brown (aged 22) had sadly taken his life. This really struck a chord with me… even after the huge success of the last challenge, with all the money and support raised, that tragically the message still did not reach Ben.

I’m doing this challenge to honour Ben and all those struggling around the UK, to remind them that they’re loved and supported, having faced my personal battles with mental health. 

He says that his ambition with every challenge is to redefine the way we perceive a person living with mental illness and to demonstrate how a person who lives with it, can live his/her life and achieve so much. 

I have never done a challenge before which has involved total sleep deprivation, nor have I run for longer than 10 hours without a break. This is completely unknown territory for me, but that’s what makes this challenge so very important.”

All donations will be going to CALM to fund life saving calls. Josh has already raised £24,000 during his challenge earlier this month. 

You can simply click this link if you want to donate to the cause.

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