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10 Most-Bought Fitness Items during Lockdown

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On average, more than 180,000 people a month type “home workout” into the Google search bar. Of course, working out at home has grown exponentially in lockdown as gyms and leisure facilities remain closed.

Interested in the fitness habits of Brits in lockdown, sought to find out what fitness equipment has been bought most in the last 90 days and how often we are really using it! Plus, the golf experts spoke with Robert Leat, online trainer at Robert Leat Fitness for exclusive tips on how to stay motivated working out at home. surveyed 3,446 British people and found:

61% of Brits have bought fitness equipment in lockdown
Yoga Mats, Dumbbells and Resistance Bands are the three most purchased items
➣ Brits name keeping fit (80%), closed gyms (50%) and TikTok (23%) as their biggest workout inspirations
➣ Almost 40% of Brits admit they RARELY use the fitness equipment they have bought
Brits blame skipping workouts on laziness (52%), not knowing technique (23%) and distractions (19%)

The most popular fitness equipment bought in lockdown is:

Equipment% Brits that have bought it in lockdown
Yoga Mat46%
Resistance Bands42%
Yoga Strap13%
Balance Ball8%
TRX Bands8%
Yoga Block4%
Weighted Jump Rope4%

Not only do 204,190 Brits Google it on average each month, but can reveal the humble Yoga Mat is the fitness equipment bought most in lockdown!

In fact,46% of Brits surveyed admitted they had bought a Yoga Mat in the last 90 days. While other blossoming yogis went one step further to purchase a Yoga Strap (8%) and Yoga Block (4%.)

Dumbbells and Resistance Bands tie in second place for the most popular fitness equipment bought in lockdown (42%), while Brits keen to perfect their swing place Kettlebell (17%) in third.  

HOWEVER, while the 10 items listed above have been bought most, some items have been used more than others…

Most Frequently Used Equipment (at least 3 times a week on average)Least Frequently Used Equipment (at least once a week on average or not at all)
DumbbellsYoga Block
BarbellBalance Ball
KettlebellYoga Strap
Resistance BandsTRX Bands
Yoga MatWeighted Jump Rope

What did you do during lockdown to stay fit or did you buy any of the equipment stated above? Let us know in the comments.

Cover photo by Samantha Gades on Unsplash

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