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13 Cool Beef Jerky Facts on World Jerky Day

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Celebrate your joy for jerky – Get clued up with these interesting facts on beef jerky this world jerky day.

In recent years, more Brits than ever are adopting protein-heavy diets. For some, even the very best protein bars and balls are hard to digest, fearing they might taste artificial or too sweet.

For those that opt for savoury snacks, jerky is a delicious alternative for a much-needed protein hit.

Jerky sales rose recently due to more and more people realising the obvious health benefits of this type of snack and the fact that it can be included in special diets, like the keto diet.

To celebrate World Jerky Day, 2020, we’ve pulled together a list of the top facts you did not know about the meaty snack!

Here is your top eight beef jerky facts:

1. “Jerky” is a word derived from the Spanish word charqui, which came from the Quechua (a Native South American language) word ch’arki, which means to char (meat).

2. Jerky is a means to preserve meat without refrigeration.

3. Traditionally, meat was dried, smoked and then salted. Marinading is another technique used to add additional flavouring.

4. During the dehydration process, the weight can get reduced to anywhere between 1/2 to 2/3 of the original weight. For example, 3 pounds of raw meat can shrink down to 1 pound.

5. Source of meat for jerky isn’t restricted; rather it can be made from pork, salmon, and many other animals.

6. Jerky used to be prepared with horse or donkey meat in the Rome. However, nowadays, it is usually made from pork.

7. Beef is the most common type of jerky, however due to the increasing popularity of the snack, you can also find jerky from wild game such as venison. Even kangaroo meat!

8. Post World War I, beef jerky was used in the military as a high-source of protein for soldiers.

9. Jerky quality varies greatly and depends on the choice of meat, the preservatives, and the preservation technique.

10. A good jerky is very lean; fat usually causes spoilage.

11. Nutritionally, jerky is low in fat and high in protein. A single serving can contain up to 15 grams of protein (25% of the daily value).

12. Beef Jerky is astronaut food! NASA has been providing Space shuttle crews this lightweight high protein treat since the mid-nineties.

13. In the US, the dried meat snack category, including beef jerky, is a $2.5 billion industry and continues to grow!

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