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“Love Yourself” Launches Food Subscription Service

Love Yourself has come up with an amazing food subscription service where they offer Michelin star food delivered to straight to your door.

We’re offering a one day free menu if you live within Greater London. Just tell us your meal choice in the comments and we will send you one of you choice for review.

If you are struggling to find your feet with the new home-work life balance. Then reduce some pressure and allow fresh meals to come straight to your door.

Love Yourself is dedicated to the health, happiness and well-being. No cooking is required, simply place in the oven or microwave to heat up and then eat delicious and nutritious meals. 

We’re spending so much more time at home and it is important to maintain the attitude ‘healthy body, healthy mind’ that way you can face the day well-nourished with a sense of positivity and motivation whatever comes our way.

Love Yourself provide the most immune boosting meals safely, straight to your door. Calorie controlled premium diets freshly prepared, using an exciting array of seasonal ingredients containing no processed meats, additives or preservatives.

The creators love to keep it exciting in the kitchen, changing diet menus on a weekly basis so you’ll never get bored, which encourages weight loss and improvements to your overall health. With Michelin star quality Love Yourself raises the bar in food subscriptions to amazing lengths.

They offer plenty of choice and menu options for dietary requirements, such as vegetarian, gluten free, keto or pescatarian. All food is prepared in a clean, sanitized facility with strict hygiene procedures in place. All food is packaged in sterile, food-grade containers, with an airtight seal to ensure its freshness and uncompromising hygiene until it is opened and enjoyed in your own home.

The Love Yourself Meal Box, is available to buy online from £21.00 (daily) at LoveYourself.

Cover photo by Kai Pilger on Unsplash

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