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Buffalo’s New MiniStation Safe: Safety, Ruggedness & Capacity of Up to Five Terabyte

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Capable of withstanding bumps and drops and reporting failures before they occur through the“Predictive Breakdown Function” this new Buffalo USB 3.2 portable drive delivers high performance and all the storage space you need to carry your documents and work with you.

Buffalo, a global provider of network storage (NAS), USB storage and professional networking solutions, announces the MiniStation Safe HD-PGF, a new rugged and secure external drive with USB 3.2 connectivity and up to 5TB capacity.

Capable of withstanding shock, vibration and drops from heights of up to 75cm, typically that of a desk, the Buffalo MiniStation Safe is designed to allow you to carry your documents and work with you at all times. Your valuable data will be protected by its robust chassis and a system of rubber pads, on which the HDD rests, capable of effectively dampening abrupt stress and vibration.

A special attention in the design of this new portable drive has been dedicated to the USB connector: part of the USB cable mold piece is introduced into the case, reducing the risk of accidental disconnection during data transfer and reducing stress on the connector for an increased longevity.

On the safety front, it is also worth mentioning the new “Predictive Breakdown Function”, which keeps the health status of the disk constantly monitored, signalling through an LED the normal operation (green), deterioration of disk health (orange), which means the drive might fail in the near future prompting the user to take immediate action, and finally the failure of the drive (orange and green flashing).

Compatible with Windows 8.1, 10, MacOS 10.11 and later, MiniStation Safe HD-FGF offers support for USB 3.2(Gen1)/USB 3.1(Gen 1)/USB 3.0 and 2.0 connectivity.

The MiniStation Safe products are available in Amazon with a capacity of one terabyte at £73.50, two terabytes at £97.50, four terabytes at £159.00 and five terabytes* at £203.00, including VAT.**

For more information about Buffalo and its products visit:

Buffalo store in Amazon US
Buffalo store in Amazon UK

*The 5TB variant is hoped to be stocked soon
**Prices in Amazon or other online retailers may vary

Cover photo by Denny Müller on Unsplash

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