Reopen Schools after Lockdown

Could Testing the Air Help Schools Reopen Safely?

Local councils question the safety of opening schools on June 1st. How can schools be made safer as more return to the classroom?

Aerosol specialists – ANCON Medical – discuss innovation that could detect airborne Coronavirus particles.

Plans to reopen schools across England on June 1st have been thrown into doubt as many local councils question whether or not schools have adequate safety procedures in place. Teaching unions and headteachers have also made it clear that many schools are subject to safety concerns and practicalities that make safety measures unfeasible.

Very little is known about the way the virus spreads between children but there are concerns that reopening schools could lead to a second spike in cases.

Slowing the spread of the virus and containing any outbreaks will be key to coming out of lockdown and key to this will be keeping public spaces as virus-free as possible.

Wesley Baker – CEO of Aerosol specialists ANCON Medical – says:

“Transmission of Coronavirus and other infectious diseases depends on a few things but human proximity and population density are key indicators of the speed of spread. Schools and nurseries will be key areas in terms of limiting the spread of the virus, and will likely see significant particles emitted into the air which contain the Coronavirus, further exacerbating the rate of spread.”

“It is hugely important to keep children safe as they return to school – of course their education is important as well but safety is paramount. Coronavirus does not, at this point, seem to affect children as badly as adults but they may well be key sources of transmission to adults.”

“Our technology can effectively model the human lung and, in conjunction with testing, could show the presence of airborne Coronavirus in these areas. If in future these kinds of devices could be installed in schools or other public space, for example, it may be easier to track and halt the spread of infectious diseases at source.”

ANCON Medical’s Aero Select device mimics the action of the human respiratory system and can detect and categorise aerosol particles – such as those that spread COVID-19 – from the largest airborne particles (pollen) to the nanometre level.

Used in conjunction with PCR testing, the device can prove the presence of COVID-19 in a room/vehicle/aircraft/ship and help research the size of the particles which carry the virus; aiding in the development of research into the transmission.

Photo by CDC on Unsplash

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