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How to maintain Oral Health at Home. Consultant Hygienist Theodora Little Advises

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It is important to monitor and be vigilant when it comes to your own oral health at home as we may not be able to get an appointment at our dentists immediately.

You may not be able to book appointments straight away so by keeping a good oral care at home, you will help in alleviating stress dental clinics may face as they become booked up.

Consultant hygienist for CURAPROX and a dental hygienist at the Curaden Dental Clinic in London, Theodora Little, gives her advice on how we can be monitoring our oral health at home.

“One of the best ways is to be vigilant when it comes to bleeding when brushing or cleaning in between your teeth. If you notice some bleeding during or after brushing that there is a strong indicator that you have inflamed gums.

Bleeding can be viewed as a sign from your body asking you to clean more in those areas. It may be that you had been cleaning between your teeth regularly but perhaps not effectively or with the right technique.

Consistency is key, to keep your teeth and gums healthy we must brush them and clean in between with inter-dental brushes (or floss if they don’t fit) daily. Using something like a BOB-score from the BOB-app will show you where your previous areas of bleeding were so you can monitor your progress and journey at home using this mouth app.

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It is recommended to brush twice a day with a fluoride containing SLS-free toothpaste, spit no rinse is advised – this is so that you have the needed protective benefits of fluoride.

Cleaning in between teeth with inter-dental brushes or floss is also paramount daily to disrupt the bacterial plaque from in between the teeth. A fluoride alcohol free mouthwash can be used at a different time of day to brushing and daily tongue cleaning is advised too.

It is important to consider diet, especially during this time when most of us are at home and snacking is become more prevalent. It is important to snack on sugar free snacks as constantly grazing sugary foods can increase the risk of developing dental decay.

So, my top three tips for avoiding dentists are brushing twice a day for at least two minutes making sure your toothbrushes filaments are cleaning the gum margin where the tooth meets the gum.

Clean in between teeth once a day – inter-dental brushes are easier and more effective than flossing. Use a fluoride containing SLS-free toothpaste when brushing and spit don’t rinse after brushing.”

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