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An Interview with Philip Moser: Author of Free and Fearless

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Philip Moser’s latest book, Free and Fearless: The Amazing Impact of One Precious Life is all about the life & struggles of Brittany Moser, a remarkable young woman whose life was cut short with an incurable disease despite she inspired us to grab life with both hands and live it to the max!

Free and Fearless narrates the true story of an incredible young woman who lived a life without limits and managed to enrich every life she touched – regardless of the fact she had a rare and incurable disease. Brittany Moser and her best friend, her dad, set out on the journey of a lifetime and their unforgettable adventure became the backdrop for Philip Moser’s book.

This is also a remarkable story of the bond between a father and daughter. Not only did Brittany challenge herself, but she also challenged her father to live fully and push himself as they tackled their physically demanding bucket list.

In 2015, Brittany was diagnosed with Addison’s disease, a rare condition that can lead to adrenal failure. She passed away in 2017.

“This book is not about the grief of losing a child, but about making the most out of what we are given and living our lives positively and not out of fear,” writes author (and Brittany’s father) Philip Moser. “Brittany inspired me, an ordinary farm boy, to explore life, to climb mountains and to write a book.”

The book is an honest, poignant account of Brittany’s legacy and the ripple effect that her outlook on life had on those around her.

We were lucky to get in touch with Phil for some quick commentary on his book.

Tell us something about your book.

First of all, I want to say that my book is about the incredible power of love, and the power of the human spirit to overcome anything that life throws at us.

Tell us something about the protagonist, Brittany and her life.

“Brittany was a very gifted and talented person that viewed life as an adventure to be explored. She was  also the most kind and thoughtful person I have ever known.”

What life lessons can the readers learn from the life of Brittany?

Brittany taught us that being in “this” moment and being fully aware is the key to a better life. In other words “redefining this moment.” We have everything we need inside us. We just need to discover it.

Now amid this pandemic, this hopelessness, do you think that the story of Brittany would help people fight back?

This pandemic is just a sample of Brittany’s final four years. With a compromised immune system, one cannot fight off any germs or virus. It’s a pandemic of epic proportion with no cure or vaccine. In the end only our positive personality keeps us going and love comes through and overcomes everything including death.

Free and Fearless

Do you think that the book will let the people realise that their fight is far less difficult compared to that of Brittany’s?

By telling this story I hope to take the readers of ‘Free and Fearless‘ on an adventure of a lifetime to help put their everyday problems in their proper perspective.

Do you think that the book will help the readers appreciate life, embrace the change that it brings and accept the inevitable?

Brittany’s wasn’t afraid of death. She was focused on being alive while she was here. She also embraced change as a necessary cycle of life.

Do you want to share anything with our readers?

Brittany spent five years of her life getting a video production degree, with the goal of making films in the movie industry.

Now, my goal is to have a movie made of her story and life. I want to inspire others the same way that I have been inspired for 32 years. Things happen for a reason.

Free and Fearless is available on Amazon in 3 formats – Kindle, Hardcover and Paperback.

Click here to buy. Connect @PhilipJMoser1.

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