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The 2020 Dad: Caring and Kind But Still Awful at Dancing

The 2020 dad is health conscious, emotional and good at cooking – but still terrible at dancing. However, contrary to the outdated stereotype of ‘dad bods’ 39% of the younger generation of dads are in good shape.

➣ 1 in 3 young dads help their kids learn how to handle their emotions
➣ 53% of young dads are good cooks
➣ Only 7% of young dads are considered good dancers by their partners

Dads in 2020 are disproving outdated stereotypes of the typical father figure by adopting healthy attitudes to fitness and diet, swotting up on their culinary skills and teaching their children about emotions, new research reveals.

A study of how 750 British mums perceive the father of their children, carried out by the UK’s leading multi-retailer gift card, One4all Gift Cards, has busted a number of unfair stereotypes surrounding the new generation of fathers – those aged 16-34 – to paint a truer picture of fatherhood in 2020.

The findings challenge the age-old notion of ‘dad bods’, revealing instead that more than 1 in 3 young dads (39%) are in fact in good shape for their age, according to the mothers of their children.

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This generation of fathers is also debunking the myth that dads can’t cook, as the study shows that as many as 53% are considered good cooks by their other halves. By comparison, only 24% of mums aged 45+ feel their other half can produce a decent plate of food – suggesting this is a skill which is being more widely learned by the next generation of fathers.

However, despite the research debunking a number of outdated ideas about what fatherhood looks like, one classic stereotype seems to ring true: dads are terrible dancers. Just 7% of young dads are considered good dancers by their partners – yet this is still an improvement on the older generation, of which just 3% are described as good dancers.

The survey also found that 1 in 3 young dads helps teach their children to handle their emotions and 39% are in touch with their own emotions.

The research goes on to suggest that the new generation of dads have taught their kids plenty of other important ‘soft skills’ too – with good manners (43%), confidence (40%), loyalty (38%) and that they can be anything or anyone they want to be (36%) topping the list.

Based on these findings, it’s understandable that almost half of the younger generation of mums (47%) say the father of their children is the best role model they could ask for, for their kids.

Commenting on the research findings, Aoife Davey, group marketing director at One4all Gift Cards comments ..

“Our research rightly debunks outdated stereotypes of what it is to be a father and shows that dads in 2020 are getting fatherhood right.

“Perhaps taking inspiration from popular celebrity dads such as Joe Wicks and Jamie Oliver, who seem to have mastered the balance of hard work, playing dad, staying in shape, and cooking, a growing number of dads are following suit and disproving archaic notions of fatherhood, which is great to see.

“It’s also great to see that the younger generation of dads teaching their children emotional intelligence and to know their worth, and that they are leading the way themselves, by being not afraid to show emotion.”

According to the data, Cardiff is home to the greatest number of fit dads, with 1 in 3 (33%) being in shape. It is also home to the largest proportion of dads who are in touch with their emotions (50%).

Meanwhile Newcastle is home to the highest number of dads who can cook (42%).

Bristol harbours the most dads who can dance, with 12% of fathers locally being considered good dancers.

The top things the next generation of dads are teaching their kids:

➣ Good manners (43%)
➣ Confidence (40%)
➣ Loyalty (38%)
➣ That they can be anything or anyone they want to be (36%)
➣ Patience (35%)
➣ Compassion (31%)
➣ How to handle stress (29%)
➣ How to be a good parent (29%)
➣ How to handle emotions (28%)
➣ Independence (26%)

So, are you a dad and in contrary to the study, a good dancer? We would love to see your dance videos in the comments.

Cover photo by Scott Broome on Unsplash

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