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4 in 5 Brits Ready to Hit the Stores Again

A poll of 20,000 people in the UK has revealed that four in five Brits are ready to hit stores again when they reopen, in a nationwide study by consumer insights company, TruRating.

➣ Essex, Hertfordshire, London & Surrey lead the way with shoppers excited to get back to stores
➣ Scottish shoppers least likely to change their shopping habits because of COVID, while Welsh are most cautious in UK
➣ 20% of shoppers claim they will continue to shop online more after restrictions ease on June 15th

With the critical opening date for non-essential retail fast approaching, 80% of British consumers say they are ready to hit the stores again, with just 20% nervous as stores begin to open their doors.

In a poll of over 20,000 consumers by market research and consumer insights company TruRating, the report found that Essex, Hertfordshire, London and Surrey shoppers lead the way in terms of ‘excitement’ to get back to stores on June 15th.

TruRating also polled customers on their online shopping behaviour after COVID-19 restrictions have eased – up to 20 per cent of British consumers claimed that they plan to shop online more after COVID.

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Some evidence of a North/South split appeared to emerge as Leeds, Sheffield and Birmingham were the cities found least likely to continue to spend more online after restrictions ease.

At a national level, Scottish consumers were found to be least likely to change their shopping habits because of COVID or COVID related safety concerns, while Welsh consumers were most likely to temporarily or permanently change their habits. 

As retailers plan how to deliver measurements that ensure customer concerns around health and hygiene are met, the data suggests that customers are spending per shopping trip – TruRating measured increased basket sizes of up to as much as 50% by year on year comparisons in regions that have already lifted restrictions. 

Georgina Nelson, CEO and Founder of TruRating, commented,

The data is good news for retail and hospitality, sectors hit especially hard by the pandemic.  Making customers feel safe will be paramount to ensuring that they continue to shop, eat out and travel in the coming months.

It’s amazing to see consumer confidence so high, but the fact that many have increased their online shopping habits suggests the retail landscape will continue to evolve as a result of COVID.”

About TruRating

TruRating is a company specializing in customer experience insights, with a particular focus on the retail industry.  TruRating operates on the simple principle of only ever asking one question per customer. As the feedback is collected at point of payment, in-store or online, every response comes from a guaranteed customer and is always linked to transaction data. With industry-leading response rates at an average of 80% in-store and 50% online, TruRating’s unique technology platform gives businesses the data they need to make smart decisions quickly. Founded in the UK by CEO Georgina Nelson in 2014, TruRating operates in Australiasia, North America and the United Kingdom and Ireland. 

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