Traveling tips with dogs

6 Crucial Tips for Travelling with Dogs

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Following a recent survey that shows 85% of pet parents would rather visit a staycation in the UK than going abroad without their pets, Lily’s Kitchen has offered some great tips on how to take pups away with them this year.

New environment and a change in routine can be a little unsettling for your dog. So make sure you prepare.

Lily’s Kitchen’s resident vet – Rodney Zasman – has shared his top tips on how to take pets away this year; from packing smart, to ensuring paw-fect behaviour in country pubs.

Here are 6 travel tips for your four-legged family members.

1) Pack the essentials

When going on holiday, the area is likely to be new and unfamiliar to furry friends and they might be tempted to wander off and explore. So, while paw-rents might be packing their beach wear, this is a chance for furry friends to get a stylish new collar engraved with their name. 

2) Ensure cosiness

Dogs can get a bit over-excited in the car which can prove very distracting to the designated driver! So, it’s a good idea to give them their own assigned space just like the rest of the family – situate them in a dog crate filled with their favourite toys for a sense of familiarity.  

3) Maintain usual food

While pet parents use holidays as an excuse to over-indulge, pets need to follow a stricter regime to avoid wreaking havoc with their digestive systems! Keep your pup on their usual food wherever possible, but don’t be mean with the Lily’s Kitchen Meaty Treats – it is a holiday after all!  

4) Keep their cool

Whilst pet parents might love being out and about in the hottest part of the day, dogs will overheat on walkies in the midday sun. If the ground feels hot on your hand, it’s probably too hot for their paws. Instead, go for an early morning stroll or catch the golden hour in the late afternoon, and don’t forget your pupper’s portable water bowl.  

5) Keep them active

Holidays might seem like an excuse to lounge around, but dogs – especially energetic breeds – need to let off some steam and keep active. Apart from being an important part of your dog’s routine to keep healthy, it also means that pent-up energy won’t come out in full force at a civilised restaurant or a calm beauty spot! 

6) Take them on nights out

For all those dogs tempted to head to the bar when it’s their round, Rodney advises to keep them close to the table. And while pub food is always irresistible, it’s best to keep pups fed with their usual orders – Lily’s Kitchen Chicken Duck Complete Dog Food or Venison Complete Dry Dog Food are delicious alternatives to fish & chips or steak pie.

Cover photo by Patrick Hendry on Unsplash.

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