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7 Household Saving Tips including Mobile & Streaming

Post the pandemic, living a frugal life, has become an obligation and no longer a choice for almost everyone out there as the economy (besides human life) was hit like never before. You’re blessed if you’re reading this, not jobless or at worst case scenario – homeless!

If you’re struggling with managing your household expenses post the arrival of the pandemic, here we’ve brought you some ideas where you could cut on your household bills.

There is nothing worse than your hard-earned money going down the drain. Take a look at the following 7 money-saving tips to save at least £300 every month if you’re able to successfully implement these.

1) Cease/Consolidate TV Packages

Re-assess your broadband and TV packages and consolidate them where you can. Do you really need all of them on top of your basic TV package? Ask yourself. Are you really watching? is it really worth the monthly bills?

2) Utilise the Broadband

Chill at home
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Check if you still have to pay for your TV license (as depending on what TV provider you are with, you may not have to). If you have a Smart TV and decent wi-fi, you can almost watch anything on the face of Earth just with a few subscriptions (NetFlix, Amazon Prime, etc).

3) Take Less Showers

Take less showers, keep the central heating down when not needed, and don’t forget to turn the lights off when you leave the room. Also, don’t keep the doors and windows open if you’re using central heating as it’ll need to work more and consume more energy to keep the inside atmosphere pleasant.

4) 2 for 1 Deals

Utilise any two for one deals when going out for dinner / drinks – a taste card is always the answer to your dreams. Here are some websites where you could find hundreds of 2 for 1 offers to choose from:

5) Cook at Home

Cook at home
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Cook at home at much as you can and enjoy meals with your family throughout the day starting with breakfast. If you’ve been eating outside and switch after reading this, you will be saving more than 50% of your food costs in the next 30 days.

Try to look at the brighter side of the pandemic. Al least it’ll helping you spend time with your family and near ones.

6) Switch to SIM-Only Plans

Switch to SIM-Only talk plans – With teleoperators like Smarty and Lebara, not only will you get the cheapest calls and data in the country, but you will receive money every time you Refer a Friend.

Compare some SIM-only plans here and choose the most suitable one:

7) Exercise at Home

Exercise at home
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Continue to work out and exercise at home and outdoors. If you have come this far without the gym and are seeing benefits – stick with it. Just imagine this would save you £15-£30 a month for each member of your family.

Many people consider thrift  – using money and other resources carefully and not wastefully – a virtue.

“However, while thrift is an obvious way to save, we need to guard against being too frugal,” says Emma Johnson, founder of

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