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8 Airbnb Online Experiences to Explore from the Comfort of your Bedroom!

Due to lockdown, many of us have been eager to find some fun, which has been hard to come by whilst confined to our bedroom walls. 

After analysing recent google trends, ShowersToYou discovered that there has been a 1,150% increase in ‘Airbnb online experiences’ as Brits are searching for exciting activities to keep them occupied! Along with this, they conducted a poll that found 82% of us would consider purchasing an online experience for under £50.

In a bid to help small businesses, and provide Brits with some weekend enjoyment, Good Rich Life along with ShowersToYou explored the top rated Airbnb online experiences available this weekend (20th and 21st of June) for under £30 per person.

1. Sangria and Secrets with Drag Queens (£28/person)

Portuguese Sangria
Photo by Frank Zhang on Unsplash

This online interactive cocktail class isn’t your usual livestream; these Portuguese Drag Queens will teach you to make the most ‘authentic, fresh and delicious Portuguese sangria from scratch, step by step’! Following the sangria, you’ll hang out and have a live Q&A with the Queens.

2. K-Beauty: Get Camera Ready with a TV Host (£12/person)

Makeup brush
Photo by Joanna Kosinska on Unsplash

This South Korean broadcaster and make-up artist will introduce you to the growing trend of K-beauty, covering the steps of Korean skincare and providing tips personal to each individual who partakes – the perfect online experience for makeup lovers!

3. Luca & Lorenzo, Our Family Pasta Recipe (£28/person)

Italian pasta
Photo by emy on Unsplash

Due to the shortage of pasta that occurred last month, this experience is definitely worth it! During the online experience you’ll explore the flavours of Italian cuisine through Zoom, learning how to make three different kinds of pasta shapes whilst cooking with the Chefs! This experience also hosts birthdays and special events. 

4. Live Workout and Q&A with an Olympian (£19/person)

Work out equipments
Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

When else could you get a workout session with three-time-bobsledding-Olympian Elfje Willemsen for £14? This experience provides a one-hour workout, with training that is personalised and tailored to your level, and a 30-minute Q&A to conclude the session.

5. Skincare and Natural Cosmetics Workshop (£10/person)

Face scrub product
Photo by Velizar Ivanov on Unsplash

This online workshop will put your DIY skills to the test, teaching how to make two natural skincare products: a face scrub and a body scrub. The personalised Milan-based experience will help you to discover what works for YOUR skin type and lifestyle.

6. Zoom Around Paris on a Personalised Tour (£14/person)

Pigeons in Paris
Photo by Fabrizio Verrecchia on Unsplash

Has your holiday been cancelled this year? Well, this cheap getaway has 70 five-star reviews and is highly recommended. These tour guides know the city inside out and are willing to show you sides of Paris that you’ll never find alone. They take you through the city using 360-degree images and provide insights and stories personalised to each group’s desires!

7. How to Create a Podcast (£34/person)

Create podcast
Photo by Kate Oseen on Unsplash

This virtual workshop will provide you with the tools to get creative, have some fun and share your experience with the world whilst in lockdown. The experience is broken into three parts: podcast basics, discovering your great podcast idea and the roadmap of the podcast process.

8. Turkish Fortune Coffee Reading (£38/person)

Turkish coffee fortune reading
Photo by Sidney M. on Unsplash

This fun and light-hearted experience will transport you to authentic Turkey via Zoom along with other travellers from across the world. The authentic tradition will provide a fortune reading which is interpreted by the symbols and figures inside your coffee cup.

We hope that these unique activities can provide some light-hearted fun for you over the weekend! Let us know if you subscribed to any and how was your experience.

Cover photo by BRUNO CERVERA on Unsplash

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