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From Pokémon bath bombs to warlock soap, using Mayku FormBox technology, independent soap makers like Geeky Clean are revolutionising the industry.

Geeky Clean is an artisanal soap maker, combining hand-crafted soaps with quirky designs influenced by pop-culture, superheroes, anime and well-loved books and films, who use Mayku FormBox to revolutionise their production line.

Establishing themselves as the authoritative figure on self-care for nerds, Geeky Clean are the prime example of transforming a passionate hobby into a niche business with a captive market that are only too enthusiastic to purchase their innovative, cruelty free and vegan cosmetics.

Ranging from bath salts to body butters; from shampoo bars to soap bars, partners Stephanie and James are the embodiment of pursuing a dream.

Cultivating a dedicated following on social media, Geeky Clean have utilised the FormBox technology to go from producing a handful of products that was time exhausting, to having a production line of hundreds upon thousands of products that go on sale every Sunday evening, before selling out without fail.

Geeky clean soap

What was once a tedious chore for housewives has become a hugely popular artisanal endeavour. The term ‘handmade soap’ pulls up more than 76,000 results on Etsy, and in 2018, there were more than 300,000 soap-making businesses in the United States alone – a number that is rapidly growing, according to the Handcrafted Soap & Cosmetic Guild.

Part of what is fuelling the rapid growth of soap’s status is that it is a recession-proof commodity – people are willing to buy soap whatever the economic situation (even in a global pandemic).

Because the popularity of handcrafted soap and candles have grown so quickly over the last decade, the focus of the makers turns from creativity of design to sheer quantity, who are forced to meet larger orders to satisfy an ever-increasing stable of customers.

With this in mind, creators of the desktop factory Mayku – suppliers of multiple micro-SMEs such as Geeky Clean – believe that the lockdown represents an opportunity for a community of stifled creators and crafters to be inspired, and turn their focus once again towards the love of creation.

Co-Founder and CEO of Mayku, Alex Smilansky, discusses the impact of Covid-19 on soap and candle makers, and shares his insight into how artists can use this opportunity not only to develop new creations ahead of their return to market, but to scale their businesses:

“For many independent soap and candle makers, these few months may prove to be some of the most pivotal in the history of their businesses. As many of their customers are cancelling orders and independent stores are shuttered amidst Coronavirus, makers are finding an opportunity to devote time toward turning their hobby into a successful micro-business.

At Mayku, we are committed to helping crafters and independent artists to bring their ideas to life, and we believe that the lockdown represents a fantastic opportunity for artists to revel in their creative tendencies and develop incredible new products for their customers whilst in lockdown.”

The Mayku FormBox, that has tremendously helped Stephanie and James fulfill their dream is an industrial-grade vacuum forming press that fits on your desk or kitchen table, which enables the user to make molds or replicate intricate shapes in a matter of seconds. The FormBox enables rapid and precision replication, exponentially speeding up the product development cycle and allowing worktop businesses to quickly prototype, develop and produce their products.

Mayku FormBox is now available in Amazon.

Cover photo by Allie on Unsplash

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