Activities of brits during lockdown

5 Favourite Activities of the Brits during Lockdown

Millions of Brits are still confined to their homes. However, in times of great difficulty, the natural resolve of Brits will always find a way of lightening the mood when it may seems impossible.

From restoring a sense of community to baking delectable treats, Brits have been attempting to lift the mood of the nation in order to provide a sense of relaxation.

Sitting idle on the sofa watching funny memes can get boring after a time. Here are the top five productive activities that Brits embraced during the lockdown.

1. A hearty brew

Cup of coffee
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As a recognised nation of tea lovers, Brits consume a jaw-dropping 165 million cups a day. However, the outbreak of COVID-19 and subsequent lock down will surely lead to greater levels of consumption. With the hero drink coming to the rescue, tea manufacturers have found innovative ways to enhance the relaxing benefits of Britain’s favourite drink, easing the difficulties of lockdown just that little bit more.

2. On your marks, get set, bake!

Man baking on oven
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All of our plans have been heavily disrupted during the springtime, not least, the filming schedules for the Great British Bake Off. Nonetheless, this hasn’t stopped millions of Brits donning their aprons and filling the home with freshly baked aromas. So much so, flour has become a devilishly rare commodity!

3. Learning a new skill

Learning something new
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In times of great difficulty, come times of great opportunity. How many times will we have those precious hours again to master the musical instrument we’d always wanted to learn? When will we have the serene peace and quiet to channel our inner Van Gogh and unleash our artistic side? In business I have found adaptation and venturing into new sectors hugely rewarding, and anecdotally, I know friends and family who are taking this time to learn new skills that will stay with them forever.

4. Peace of mind

Flower on palm
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Whilst these are incredibly difficult times, and we have indeed seen an increase of anxiety sweep the nation, it is also perhaps a good time to evaluate our approaches to mental health and remind ourselves of our duty to each other as a community to help each and every one of us through this time. Whilst we endorse the calming benefits of CBD to help restore homeostasis in the body, there are other approaches that have proven popular during lockdown. Ranging from businesses and charities alike help launch anxiety-busting apps to sports teams “making the call” to reach out to lonely fans, Brits have found ways to reconnect with each other as a society 


Home improvement jobs
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Whilst sitting around at home and with limited opportunities to get outside, there have been few and far between opportunities to be active. One of which however could be finally getting round to doing those home improvement jobs that have been on your list for ages. Not only does this improve the household, but it’s a rewarding way to remain active.

Let us know if you’re doing anything from the above to keep your sanity in check during the lockdown. If you’re doing something else, our readers will be happy to know.

Feel free to share in the comments.

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