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Is This the Most Stressed Brits have Ever Been?

As lockdown woes and economic apprehension hold firm, how can you create a calming sanctuary at home

Simon Manthorpe, CEO of EOS Scientific, discusses the relaxing properties of CBD.

An ongoing study from UCL, that has already featured 80,000 respondents is finding that the mental health of British adults is at an increasing risk. Ranging from financial worries to health and safety-related stresses, we are currently navigating extremely testing times.

As free hotlines available have increased during the lockdown for those struggling from symptoms of mental health, people have also been less likely to visit NHS services due to a fear of risking greater strain on healthcare resources.

All the evidence is so far showing that Britons have never been so stressed.

Across the Atlantic in the United States, largely due to the Coronavirus outbreak, there has been a surge in demand for anti-anxiety prescription drugs, rising by an incredible 31.4%. In a similar vein, demands for prescriptions across anti-depressants, anti-insomnia and anti-anxiety increased by a combined 21%.

However, with Brits concerned about causing greater strains on the NHS, other methods of stress relief have been adopted.

To demonstrate this point, Brits have expressed the desire to use holistic remedies – 24% in fact – CBD may be able to help alleviate some of the anxieties felt by those who are in self-isolation; especially as the recent rushes on pharmacies has led to lower stock of more traditional medications.

Many people may find themselves having to re-work their daily routines in order to accommodate being at home for extended periods of time, so now is the perfect time to incorporate the calming effects of CBD into the home. The compound can be found in such a variety of forms, from balms to oils to food products, making it a highly versatile option.

The early riser

Starting the day with a shower is essential for many, so why not start there with a CBD Body Wash? CDB body washes are invigorating and refreshing, designed to energise and cleanse the skin. 50mg of premium CBD ensures a recharge of your wellbeing.

Working 9 ’till 5

Working from home may pose a challenge too, especially for those without fully suitable work stations. Adapting to a new environment and sitting for long periods in a new position may cause some aches and pains. CBD Muscle Balms are perfect for relieving aching muscles and to aid muscle recovery. 

Herbal tea

Afternoon tea

Many Brits find unwinding with a cup of tea helpful – so why not with the added calming benefits of CBD? Hatter’s Hemp Tea comes in four different variations – English Breakfast, Green, Lemongrass & Rosehip Boost and Chamomile – and is available online at Holland & Barrett. 

Evening detox

Moisturiser is an important part of beauty aftercare, both for the face and body. CBD Facial Moisturisers and CBD Body Oil’s are great ways to soothe the skin and body after a long day of working from home and help to prepare for deep sleep.

Simon Manthorpe, CEO of EOS Scientific – the UK’s leading CBD oil testing service – has commented on the benefits of CBD to alleviate stress and anxiety as self-isolation is enforced:

“The number of UK users of CBD oil has almost doubled in the last year, with many claiming the cannabis-based product to be a more natural and easily accessible way to manage their mental health. We are seeing increasing numbers of people turning to more alternative remedies, not just for their mental health but for a number of ailments which can include insomnia, psoriasis and eczema.”

CBD oil

“During a period in which people many people are suffering from increased stress levels due to the impact of COVID-19, the effects on our mental health are unquestionable. Ideally, Britons who feel this nervousness and anxiety should have a remedy that can combat these ailments.”

“CBD oil works to stimulate the endocannabinoid system and balancing homeostasis in the body, and the substance has proven benefits for relieving ailments such as stress, anxiety and insomnia. For this reason, CBD products are on the rise and are appearing more and more in UK high streets and health shops. However, as more of us return to work in the coming months, we will want to ensure that we are the healthiest we can possibly be.”

Photo by Tim Gouw on Unsplash

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