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The Star Sign Most Likely to Become a Reality TV Star!

Many of us turn to astrology daily to guide us on things like our careers, money and relationships. But can our zodiac signs tell us whether we’re destined to be reality TV stars?

With Love Island Australia gracing our screens, Good Rich Life and PsychicWorld.com set out to find out!

By analysing the star signs of the winners of all previous series of Love Island, they can reveal which zodiac signs are most likely to become successful reality TV stars!


Star SignNumber of Love Island Winners

You’re most likely to become a reality TV star if you’re born between April 20th – May 20th. 10 of the Love Island winners are Tauruses, proving that calm, artistic zodiacs with a love for material things are likely to become successful. It also bodes well for the winners who receive a cash prize.

In second place are Aquariuses. Seven of the previous Love Island winners were born between January 20th – February 18th, as viewers appear to root for those who are innovative and assertive, but a little shy at first.

Aquariuses are followed by Virgos with six winners, Capricorn with five and Leo with four winners globally.

Unfortunately for Pisces, there were no winners born between February 19th – March 20th for any of the Love Island series. Apparently, sensitive and empathetic contestants like the Pisces aren’t what viewers are looking for in a reality TV star.

The changeable and indecisive Geminis are similarly unfit to become reality TV stars with only one winning in the show’s history. Other unlucky zodiacs include Cancer with two winners, Aries with two winners and Scorpio with three winners.

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