Kids learn new skill during lockdown

What New Skills have Kids Learnt in Lockdown?

As home-schooling draws to a close for Years 1 and 6, will children be returning to school more well-rounded?

Here, leading EdTech firm MyTutor reveal the at-home topics parents have added to their lesson roster.

Since schools closed in March, parents everywhere have had the challenge of making sure their kids keep learning at home. Many took advantage of this opportunity to include extra-curricular topics in their timetables, from DIY to freestyle disco!

Now, Years 1 and 6 are set to return to school on Monday, with other years also being phased in later, and home-schooling will begin to draw to a close.

MyTutor has asked 700 parents to reflect on how they found the experience, and here are the most popular topics they’ve been teaching in lockdown.

Many parents have taken this opportunity to provide a more rounded approach to education – using crafts and cooking to fill the time in lockdown. Some have even been teaching their children different languages, if they have proficiency in another tongue.

Picking up musical instruments and completing online courses in coding have also proved popular. Information about mortgages, taxes and bills has been on the agenda for many students, and these life skills that are not commonly taught in schools will no doubt stay with them – and come in very handy in the future when their council tax is due!

Curriculum-wise, around half of parents (47%) said that even if they knew little about a subject, they tried their best to teach it anyway. When MyTutor asked parents what subjects they found the toughest to teach, 45% parents agreed that Maths was the hardest to help their child with. This was followed by English with 32% of the vote, and Chemistry with 30%. So if you really can’t tell your pathogens from your particles, how can you make sure your child doesn’t miss out?

Online tutoring is a great way to bolster children who may be feeling nervous to return to school, or feeling less equipped than their peers as a result of home-schooling.

MyTutor offers a range of resources – from free live group tutorials on their Online School to the individual and tailored 1-to-1 sessions – that can help support children from home as they prepare to return to school over the next few weeks.

Bertie Hubbard, CEO and Co-Founder of MyTutor, has commented on how personalised, online tutoring can help students supplement their education:

“One-to-one, online tuition is a solution that can scale up and down to meet the demand of students’ whose education is impacted by Coronavirus. Because it’s personalised and accessible, more and more students are using it to fill in bits of knowledge that they may have missed, either because of disruption or more commonly as a complement to classroom learning.”

So what new skills have your child learnt in the lockdown?

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