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Silentnight Introduces your New Calming Sleep Saviour

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The debut product from Silentnight’s wellbeing collection aims to help relieve stress, calm anxiety and improve sleep.

If there was ever a time that we all needed a big, cosy cuddle at the end of each day, it would be right now.

Stress and anxiety are leading causes of poor sleep year-round at the best of times, but at trickier times like the present, they are understandably even more so.

Enter your new sleep savior and snuggle partner, the calming Silentnight  Weighted Blanket. Created by experienced sleep experts, the Weighted Blanked is designed to ease stress and anxiety by relaxing both the body and mind with deep-touch pressure stimulation. (Learn more)

The blanket quite literally hugs you into a calming and restful sleep as the 6.8kg of weight comforts your nervous system to make you feel safe and grounded. The carefully designed weight within the blanket comes from thousands of small glass beads stitched within, for an even spread of gentle, soothing pressure.

The Weighted Blanket is the debut product in Silentnight’s new Wellbeing Collection and recently launched on 18th May. Launched during Mental Health Awareness Week, the Weighted Blanket aims to be a valuable sleep aid and a big hug for anyone that has trouble sleeping due to stress and anxiety.

Silentnight’s Brand Licensing Manager, Clare Rix said:

“With mental health concerns such as stress and anxiety being so prevalent throughout our modern world, we knew we wanted to create a Silentnight product that would hopefully help those that suffer get the great night’s rest we all deserve.

“If you’ve ever experienced anxiety you will understand its physical affects, as well as its phycological ones and so we designed the Weighted Blanket to feel as safe, secure and soothing as possible, to replicate the comforting effects of being hugged by a love one. Once the body is feeling calmer, it’s easier for the mind to follow suit and ease itself into valuable, restful slumber.”

The Silentnight Weighted blanket is available now from £59.99 at

Cover photo by Kinga Cichewicz on Unsplash

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