Silentnight Superwash Collection

Silentnight Introduces Superwash Collection: The Bacteria Busting Bedding

Leading sleep experts at Silentnight have created a brand new range of bedding that is set to become the nation’s bedroom hero – the Superwash collection.

Featuring Lasting Easy Care technology, the Superwash range is designed to withstand repeated machine washing at 60° to ensure it stays fresh and hygienic, whilst retaining all of its original bounce and softness, wash after wash.

This bacteria busting bedding features quality fibres that have been designed to withstand temperatures needed to kill dust mites, bacteria and virus molecules.

Here are a few products from the Superwash collection that you would certainly love.

Silentnight Superwash Duvet

If you want to make sure you get the best night’s sleep possible, this might be the best duvet available.

This 10.5 tog duvet is filled with hollowfibre, which makes it feel incredibly light and cosy to sleep beneath.

Silentnight Superwash Duvet

The Superwash Duvet by Silentnight offers the perfect combination of hygiene and comfort. Since it is machine washable at 60°C, you can sleep peacefully knowing that all kind of bacteria and virus molecules are almost removed. These special duvets crafted to survive temperatures up to 60ºC, will always remain fresh and clean whilst conserving the tenderness and bounce.
The Superwash duvet are also non–allergenic because they keep the dust mites away. This also makes them the first choice for people who have allergies from bird feathers or asthma. The channel stitching of the duvet feels smooth and comfortable, perfect for a relaxing and unspoiled sleep.

Silentnight Superwash duvet comes with 5 years’ guarantee and totally it’s made in the UK.

Price: £20.99. Buy from Amazon

Silentnight Superwash Mattress Protector

Silentnight Superwash mattress protector will increase the life of your mattress and keep your mattress fresh and hygenic. Since it’s washable, this means that spills are a worry of the past.

The Superwash mattress protector is completely breathable and will help you keep cool throughout the night.

Silentnight Superwash Mattress Protector

The microfibre and hypo allergenic will keep your provides fresh, clean, super soft comfort while prolonging the life of your mattress. The bacteria busting technology inside kills dust mites, virus molecules, resists bacteria growth and keeps the fabric 99.9% germ-free making it a wonderful anti-allergy mattress protector and fit to keep the bed bugs away.

The Silentnight Superwash mattress protector that is manufactured in the UK comes with a 2 years’ Silentnight guarantee and corner straps for a secure fit.

Price: £19.99. Buy from Amazon

Silentnight Superwash Pillows

Silentnight’s new pillows from the Superwash series is deliciously, delightfully soft. It would adequately contour to the shape of your head without getting totally ironed.

The soft, bouncy microfibre structure manages to raise itself up vigorously the following morning.

Silentnight Superwash Pillows

Just like the other products from the Superwash collection, Silentnight Superwash pillows are also specially designed to withstand repeated machine washing at 60ºC, so that they remain fresh and unpolluted and manage to retain all their tenderness and sponginess even after hunreds of washes.

Tried and tested, these pillows are effective at keeping away most virus and bacteria molecules and their non-allergenic virtue also helps to keeping away dust mites at bay, which makes them a perfect choice for people with asthma or feather allergies.

The Sileninight Superwash pillows come in a pack of 4 with a 2 years’ Silentnight guarantee and are made in the UK.

Price: £24.99. Buy from Amazon

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Cover photo by Rhema Kallianpur on Unsplash

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