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9 Tips to Stay Motivated Training at Home

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In our previous post, we discussed fitness habits of the Brits, top 10 most-bought fitness items during lockdown and how often they’re using it.

In continuation to that, Robert Leat, online trainer at Robert Leat Fitness, shared 9 top tips on how to stay motivated working out at home.

He said, “It can be difficult to stay motivated at home, it’s not the gym you are used to and there are lots of distractions, so why not give these 9 tips a go!”

1. Have a structured routine

Make sure to have a workout plan that you follow when you exercise that outlines what exercises to do, how many reps and sets etc. Try to do workouts at the same time and same day as this will help it to become a routine habit.

2. Make a dedicated space

Have a space in your home that is your “home gym” where you work out. For me, it’s the living room or garden (depending on the weather.) I’ve put my resistance bands and kettlebells downstairs so every time I walk In I am reminded about working out.

3. Stick it in your calendar

Treat doing a workout as an appointment with yourself. Write your workouts in the calendar like you do doctors’ appointments and work commitments.

4. Video call with friends

I am more likely to do a workout if I am doing it with someone else, so get creative with video calls. Use something like Zoom, Google Hangouts or Houseparty and do a lockdown workout with your friends.

5. Crank up the music

Being at home means you can listen to whatever music you want as loud as you want, music is linked heavily to improved performance with exercise.

6. Just do a few minutes

Try doing just 5 minutes of exercise, or concentrating on just one exercise, and see how you feel. If you aren’t feeling it, end the workout there and try again later. Once you find your rhythm, extend by another 5 minutes as your fitness improves and build from there!

7. Find out what you enjoy doing

Figure out what type of exercise you enjoy and do more of that. It might be running, HIIT, bodyweight training or yoga. If you enjoy something you are more likely to want to do it.

8. Have a clear goal

Why are you exercising? How does it make you feel? What do you want to achieve and when by? Answer these questions and that will help you to stay motivated.

9. Hire a coach

If you are struggling, why not hire an online coach to work with you. An online coach will hold you accountable for your goals and help you to implement a workout programme that works for you.

Let’s know how your fitness regime has been gong and which of the above tips you liked the most and why.

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