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10 Real Netflix Show Locations You Should Visit

There has always been a sense of excitement when you picture yourself in the location of a famous blockbuster film or TV series. But it’s even more exciting when you find out that the place you see on TV exists, and you can visit where your favourite character or actor once stood. Due to the […]

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10 Sleep Myths Debunked by (The Sleep Geek)

Like many parts of our wellbeing, there are many myths surrounding sleep; in terms of how much, when in the day and what to do to help us sleep better. These myths often give people the impression there is a quick fix, which just isn’t true. Sleeping better comes from understanding yourself as a sleeper, and then making […]

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8 Cool Ways Over 50s Can ‘Age-Proof’ their CVs

What gets you a job? Knowledge? Experience? Cool degrees? Nowadays, a majority of employers prefer younger workforce due to work-ability, passion, enthusiasm, and of course, low pay bracket. However, the best employees in the country who are making a difference are all aged above 50. According to the Office for National Statistics (ONS), over 600,000 […]

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10 Reasons People are Feeling Guilty during the Lockdown

Over ten million UK adults have been struggling with feelings of guilt during the lockdown period, according to new research commissioned by The financial comparison website commissioned an independent survey of more than 2,000 UK adults. It found that 20% (equating to 10.2 million people nationwide) have significant and regular feelings of guilt due to […]