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CBD Oil can Help Relieve the Symptoms of Hay Fever

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Discover the properties of CBD oil that can help alleviate symptoms of hay fever. Simon Manthorpe, CEO of EOS Scientific, discusses in detail.

For many, the searing heat and constant sunshine of the past weekend was a cause for rare delight. For many others however, it was the source of despair. ‘Sky high’ pollen counts blighted the glorious early summer sun for millions of Brits, with notable sufferers such as Piers Morgan saying that he was experiencing from the worst hay fever ever.

As 13 million Brits turn to new alternatives to combat the ongoing plight of hay fever, could millions turn to CBD oil to alleviate the continued irritants brought on by the condition?

A study conducted by a team of Italian academic researchers published in 2018 found that CBD oil contains anti-inflammatory properties. Typically, corticosteroids are used to help alleviate inflammatory symptoms of hay fever.

However, the side effects of using corticosteroids can include insomnia and weight gain, whilst longer-term side effects can include high blood pressure and osteoporosis. Whilst CBD has been shown to have anti-inflammatory properties, it has been established and used to help sufferers of insomnia.

Therefore, CBD can be used to treat the inflammation suffered by those who have hay fever, whilst assisting the sleep that strong pharmaceuticals take away from consumers.

CBD oil
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Simon Manthorpe, CEO of EOS Scientific, the UK’s leading CBD oil testing service, has offered the following insight:

“Whilst CBD may not be a cure, it could well be a more user-friendly practice for alleviating the symptoms of hay fever. People are moving towards more natural, holistic remedies rather than prescribed medicine over the counter, and CBD oil is certainly a product that is booming in terms of popularity.

The fact we know that there are no detrimental side effects to using CBD oil in the same way that there are for steroids is testament to how holistic remedies can have an advantage over the over-the-counter prescribed practices.

Furthermore, research has been done to show that CBD oil, in fact, is a great method of alleviating insomnia. We need to endeavour to educate the millions of Brits that suffer from hay fever that not only are there natural products that help to alleviate the symptoms of hay fever – such as inflammation – but this potential aid helps to alleviate the side effect of prescribed medicines that attempt to help hay fever.”

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Cover photo by Katherine Hanlon on Unsplash

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