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How CBD is Helping Us Cope during Lockdown

Helping to relieve pain, calm racing minds and assisting with a better nights sleep, CBD has effectively got a lot of consumers through Covid-19, with premium CBD brand Zoetic seeing an increase in sales in their CBD skincare range due to the natural antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

Sit back, relax and take a look at the Zoetic CBD range which can be ordered straight to your doorstep to help cope with current lockdown.  

Flavoured gummies

CBD Gummies: flavoured gummies made with natural flavouring and include Zoetic’s high-quality CBD. Choose your preferred flavour combination of either Berry Burst or Tropical.  Each combination comes as two assorted flavours and is available either as 10mg gummies or a maximum strength of 25mg gummies.

Flavoured oil

CBD Flavoured Oils: Vegan-friendly CBD flavoured oils come in a variety of flavours and three different strengths (500mg, 1000mg and a brand new 3000mg). Choose from Peppermint, Blood Orange, Melon or Natural.

CBD Massage & Body Oils: Whether relaxing, boosting energy levels, relieving pain and aches or you would like to give you skin hydration this massage bundle has you covered. All of the oils are fast-absorbing, non-greasy and were created with handpicked scents. Zoetic have just launched two new scents which include: Invigorate (Grapefruit and Patchouli) and Regenerate (Juniper Berry and Black Pepper). These oils can also be added to your bath for an extra-relaxing soak, helping you to sleep better afterwards.


CBD Skincare: Zoetic proudly introduce their brand-new line of five CBD skincare products which have been meticulously created to tackle everyday skin concerns, suitable for daily use the range includes: night cream, facial drops, hand cream and a vegan lip balm.

Zoetic’s premium CBD products are made from hemp and farmed organically. With all products being entirely THC free, they are legal and safe to consume. Zoetic CBD does not produce any high or psychoactive effects and is extracted from its hemp plants using C02. Based in Perth, Scotland and Colorado, US, Zoetic is a vertically integrated company which has its own indoor and outdoor growing facility along with a seed genetics business, and because of this, it has full visibility over the provenance of its CBD at every stage of the process.

Photo by Chelsea shapouri on Unsplash

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