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Facilitating Maximum Enjoyment & Financial Returns, Octavian Raises the Bar

100ft underground in a retired World War II munitions mine in Corsham lies Octavian, the world’s number one fine wine storage facility.

Octavian has handled and stored some of the world’s oldest and most valuable bottles of wine for over 30 years. Used by wine connoisseurs, aficionados, investors and collectors worldwide, the Octavian cellars cover the same area as eleven full-sized football pitches.

In addition to world-renowned facilities, Octavian takes care of a customer’s fine wine from the moment it arrives at their facility. Each case of wine is carefully reviewed and verified against a customer’s expectations to confirm the name, vintage, case type and size and meticulously recorded.

Once placed in the cellars, Octavian takes full responsibility and provides full insurance cover. It’s this unique combination of physical security, personal service and rigorous processes that makes the business the first choice for connoisseurs the world over.

Today, Octavian is launching the new ‘MyCellar portal’. The online wine collection management portal brings a private customer’s fine wine collection to life allowing them to get maximum enjoyment – and potential returns, should the goal be profit rather than drinking pleasure – from their wine collections stored with Octavian.

MyCellar portal is accessible to all Octavian private clients and provides secure and easy access to a range of wine collection management tools.

Tailored to provide factual information alongside the inspiration, the portal enables collectors to appreciate, evaluate and track the value of their investments at the touch of a button. Tools and content available include market performance data, valuations on over 350,000 vintages, producer profiles, fine wine reviews and drinking windows.

Octavian Wine Storage

Customers are also able to view their portfolio online, track growth, view regularly updated valuations and download market reports in an instant.

A standout feature of the updated MyCellar portal is the Octavian fine wine ‘Exchange’. A brand-new facility that allows customers who have a shared appreciation of wines, to trade directly with one another, without having to physically move assets from Octavian’s storage conditions and secure custody.

The Exchange allows customers to educate themselves on a wine’s provenance and detailed storage history providing full transparency for all parties.

The reduced risk of movement, full insurance and verified provenance provided by the Exchange allows for quick and secure trading as a result of the wine physically being in one place.

Managing Director, Vincent O’Brien, commented:

“Enabling customers to make informed investment decisions in a world where such information is not available on the secondary market, MyCellar portal enables our private customers to get closer to and more actively engaged in the management of their wines. For many wine enthusiasts building a collection is a passion. This new and improved platform allows us to provide our customers with a real ‘hub’ of enhanced information and reliable data, accessible at their convenience.

“We know that many people have a little more time on their hands right now and may be interested in enjoying their wine collection. Virtual wine tastings via platforms such as Zoom are having their moment and we are confident that MyCellar portal’s more socially-orientated features will help raise spirits as collectors record their drinking experiences and share tasting notes.

“Fine wine is precious. But without proper storage, it’s also at risk of falling short of its full potential.

Here at Octavian we are known for our no-compromise commitment to extraordinary care and help our customers maximise the value and pleasure of their collections.”

Octavian is a business that is structured and built to be resilient even during the toughest of times. For over 30 years the business has established a reputation based on the principles of integrity, transparency and industry expertise. Chosen by the most demanding and knowledgeable wine collectors and investors the business is now inviting all those with a curiosity around wine to become part of the Octavian world.

Octavian wine cellar

Octavian private client customers will receive full access to MyCellar portal and the Octavian Fine Wine Exchange from today (Monday, 18 May 2020). Those interested in storing their wine with Octavian should call +44(0)1225 818714.

Operating within all government guidelines, Octavian continues to offer next day delivery (into London) and within three days countrywide, should a customer wish to access their collection.

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